Mastering the Art of Catching Herring and Salmon in Australia

Mastering the Art of Catching Herring and Salmon in Australia

Whether you’re angling for the nimble herring or the mighty salmon, Australia offers some fantastic fishing opportunities for these popular species.

In this blog, we’ll dive into effective tips and techniques to help you master the art of catching herring and salmon.

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1. Tackling the Herring

Herring are abundant along Australia’s coasts, particularly in southern waters. They respond well to both lures and bait.


  • Light Tackle: Use light spinning tackle to enjoy the fight of a herring. Small metal lures or soft plastics mimic the small baitfish herring feed on. Also can use a blob and straw preferable white as bit and reel it in 
  • Bait Fishing: When bait fishing, small pieces of prawn or squid on a jig can be very effective. Remember, herring have excellent eyesight, so use fine, clear leader material to avoid detection.

2. Pursuing the Salmon

Australian salmon are thrilling to catch, known for their robust size and spirited fight. They are primarily found in the southern and western coasts but migrate along the east coast during certain seasons.


  • Spinning from Shore: Cast metal lures or spoons from the beach or rocks. Look for diving birds or schools of fish on the surface to locate feeding salmon.
  • Fly Fishing: Fly fishing can be exhilarating when targeting salmon. Use brightly colored flies that mimic local baitfish.

3. Best Times for Fishing

  • Herring: Best caught during early morning or late afternoon when they are most active.
  • Salmon: They can be caught throughout the day, but dawn and dusk are peak times, especially during their migration season in autumn and spring.

4. Location Tips

  • Herring: Look for them in beach  bays and harbors, particularly around jetties and piers.
  • Salmon: Beaches and rocky headlands are favorite spots. Keep an eye on seasonal movements to find the best locations.

5. Gear Recommendations

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For herring, a light rod and reel combo with 6-10 lb test line is ideal. For salmon, go for a sturdier medium-heavy rod with 10-20 lb test line.

Don’t forget a selection of lures and flies specifically designed for these fish.

Fishing for herring and salmon in Australia is not just about the catch; it's about the challenge, the environment, and the thrill.

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